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Not right now Derrick!!

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I know, I know. I never update this thing. However, I have been sick the past week and before that I was busy with finals and the whole moving back home for the summer process. So, give me a break, I’m here now.

If you’ve been reading you’ll remember that in my last post I had said that I was giving up Facebook for a bit. Well that didn’t last too long. It’s the summer and Facebook is the easiest way to stay connected to my friends back at school that I will not see for 3 months. Don’t worry I do not get on it for hours at a time anymore. More I sign in, check to see if I have any notifications, maybe creep for a few minutes, then I’m off of there (unless someone starts chatting with me).

Ok so on to other aspects of life like Summer 2010. As you already know, and for those of you reading for the first time,  my boyfriend Paul and I are going to work at a christian ranch in Montana this summer. Paul worked there last summer and loved it so he got me interested as well. The camp starts on June 6th (4ish weeks from now) and Paul and I do not have a way there yet. Did you know that plane tickets are super pricey right now?? We did not. The cheapest we could find was around $1000 for both and I round trip. So we had to come up with a plan B. Neither of us own a car so driving there was out of the question. Then my sister Brittany suggested that we look into taking a Greyhound Bus there. I was not too keen on this idea at all but we looked and yep…it’s much much cheaper. For the two of us to go together it would be around $350 round trip to Montana oh and a glorious 1 day and 12 hour trip. *UGH* I know that this is well, our only option so this is what we’re going to do. However. We have a problem. Paul is leaving for vacation on Monday with his family and we need to buy the tickets by Wednesday to get this 21 day discount they have. Now I know what you are thinking, it’s only Saturday so there’s always tomorrow to get the money together and buy them. False. He is busy tomorrow. So at this very moment we are texting and trying to figure it all out.  It will all work out…I know it, but I hate that it’s cutting it so close. THIS JUST IN… Paul is going to pay for the tickets and then I’m going to just pay him back at some point I guess (this was his plan).

Lastly I’d like to explain my title for this post. It’s from one of the BalloonShop videos on youtube. If you have never seen their videos…you’re life in incomplete till you do so. Just hit up youtube and search BalloonShop. Here’s a little taste of their awesomeness.

P.S. My brother-in-law (the one who’s birthday is tomorrow) is a jerk… :]


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  1. I can not believe I am reading this on here instead of you telling me that you are going by bus!! I am not happy about you taking a Greyhound bus to Montana! Flying would be much safer!!! UGH!!!!

    • Planes are extremely expensive right now. We cannot afford it. Trust me, I would have rather flown. It’s okay though. I’ll be with Paul.


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