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Happy Birthday Paul!

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Today is my boyfriend Paul’s 20th birthday. So for his birthday I decided to make a list of 20 things that I love about him. So here we go…

  1. I love his passion and fire for God. We met on a summer missions trip so literally since day one of knowing him I have seen his heart for God.
  2. I love his knowledge of God. Paul’s dad is a pastor and while growing up he participated in something called Bible Quizzing. Basically if I ever have any questions about the Bible and God’s teachings then I ask him.
  3. I love his love of ministry. Paul wants to be a youth pastor. He loves working with youth and he is good at it.
  4. I love that he has his priorities straight. He always makes sure that he is doing first and foremost what it is God wants him to be doing despite other things in life.
  5. I love his hard work and dedication. Paul is a great student with great self determination. If something needs to be done he gets a head start on it and works diligently to get it done.
  6. I love his acceptance of responsibility. On top of classes for school, he was a growth group leader this year, he worked a campus job, and next year he’ll be an RA on his hall. He is a great leader that loves to lead.
  7. I love that he comes from a big family. Coming from a big family he knows how important family is and that spending time with family is important.
  8. I love that he is outgoing. He loves meeting new people and being friends with everyone.
  9. I love that he is active and sporty. Sports are his way of fellowship. If he could be outside or in a gym 24/7 he would be. Sports relieve stress and bring him lots of fun.
  10. I love his sense of humor. He knows exactly how to make me laugh. And his laugh is adorable.
  11. I love his worry-free attitude. Paul never worries whereas worrying is something i really struggle with and he is very good at always reminding me not to worry because everything will be okay.
  12. I love his love of kids. As mentioned earlier, since I’ve known Paul he has been working with kids and he loves it. This past semester he worked at our local church’s youth group. He is a youth ministry major and wants to be a youth pastor. He will make a great pastor as well as a great father. Seeing him interact with my nephews and niece only strengthens my belief and confidence of this.
  13. I love his laid back attitude. Paul is a very “go with the flow” kind of guy. Making set plans one by one isn’t how he likes to do things. Even though I am the opposite it only helps me.
  14. I love how different than I he is. Even though our many many differences cause us lots of problems it has been very beneficial for us as well. He balances me out and I balance him out. We fit :]
  15. I love his sarcasm (usually). I tend to deny this fact, but it’s more fun that way. As long as his sarcasm is light and fun, it’s great.
  16. I love his taste in music. Paul likes anything from straight up rap to southern country. It always makes me laugh being in a car with him with the radio on.
  17. I love that he’s a country boy. He’ll open doors for me, pull out chairs for me, and give me his jacket when I’m cold. He takes care of me.
  18. I love that he is always warm. I am always cold so it’s a perfect combination.
  19. I love he steps up in our relationship. Paul understands that it’s the man’s responsibility to be the leader in the relationship and he does a great job at it. He leads me in every aspect of my life and our lives together. I trust him.
  20. I love everything about Paul Joseph Jones with my whole heart forever and always ♥ He is the love of my life and I want to be with him only forever :]

Happy Birthday Baby!! ♥


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