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Another year, another post

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So for some reason, I only update this thing once every year. This time I am a little under a year at about 10 months. I wish that I wasn’t so busy, or that I didn’t hold on to the excuse of being busy.

Right now I am at work at our campus library pretending to be doing my homework. You’d think after all this time I would be a better student. Alas, I am not. It’s like I am super good at prioritizing and getting motivated in my head, at first. But then the second I sit down to actually do it I either 1) get tired or 2) can’t focus. Or like right now, get called to do meaningless busy work by my boss. Gee thanks. Guess it’s so long again.


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  1. It is a paycheck and it keeps you out of trouble 🙂
    love you!!


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